About Us

Our Philosophy is to making you feel confident when approaching a foreign language. We conceive this learning process as engaging and interesting for you. Because we believe language education is an essential component in everyone’s career and personal development throughout every stage of life, taking this important journey with us will ensure you to optimise and maximise your learning results.

To achieve this aim, we offer tailor made solutions for every imaginable purpose, from ABC to Technical / Business language. Students will be assessed and receive an individual advice on how their lessons shall be outlined.

Our Team of native and professional teachers is passionate and dedicated in providing the highest standard in foreign language tuition. All our staff holds the relevant qualifications and is experienced in order to guarantee that the teaching methods are suiting every individual need presented to us. We do understand the different profiles of our students. Hence, we are able to respond effectively to every personal necessity.

Our Co-Founder Iván, originally from Spain, has been living in Hong Kong for almost seven years. He is a natural language enthusiastic, since he has not only expertise in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, but can also recur to his journalism and audiovisual communication background, which makes him not only be passionate about words, but also about still and moving images. Iván also conducts a weekly lecture at City University Hong Kong.