At Excellence In Languages we are strongly committed to the environment.

We are aware that our planet’s natural resources are limited. Human being’s actions and progress are rapidly consuming most of them, contributing to the deforestation, extinction of flora and fauna, global warming and, hence, climate change in general.

Since EIL was established, we have a hand to set up actions and goals to help to prevent this process to go further and, therefore, to pay our small contribution to leave our planet a better place for future generations.

Following this commitment, we, at Excellence In Languages, have taken the following measures since we were established:

  • Use of rechargeable / re-usable material in our classrooms and office.
  • Use Energy saving modes in our appliances and electronic devices.
  • Reduction of paper use to a minimum and avoiding plastics as much as possible.
  • Use of green assembled electronic devices in our classrooms.
  • To gradually increase our disposable items recycling processes.

In addition, as a matter of transparency, and in order to encourage a community-wide participation in saving energy, we have recently joined Hong Kong Environment Bureau’s Energy Saving charter, in which we pledge:

  • To maintain an average indoor air temperature between 24 – 26 °C during summer months of June to September.
  • To switch off electrical appliances & systems when not in use and procure energy efficient electrical appliances & systems.
  • To engage staff / students to adopt the above energy saving practices together.

Besides, we have also joined 4Ts charter, in which we pledge:

  • To set an energy saving target of 10 % between 2017 and 2019.
  • To ensure transparency to track energy saving results.
  • To encourage inhabitants to work together on the above energy saving target.

Find below our yearly energy consumption, in order to target a 10% reduction from 2017 to 2019:





6,188 (MJ)

Total: 57,435 (MJ)

4,596 (MJ)

Total: 62,031  (MJ)


EIL Team