September 10, 2016 by Iván

Happy Teachers’ Day

Today is Hong Kong’s teachers’ day. This day is a regional tribute that a country or region pays to its educators. That’s the reason why it’s celebrated on different dates around the world (so don’t mix it up with world’s teacher day on Oct 5th).

Education is a very special work field. And the teachers are its all-stars. However, sometimes teaching is seen as an undervalued and / or underrated occupation by some. But teachers give so much to their students not only during the time they spend in a lesson, but also outside. Educators don’t only share their knowledge, but also values and experience; and provide help, confidence and even counselling when students need it.

All of us tend to gradually forget most of the syllabus we learn at different stages of our education process. Nevertheless, the significance of what a good teacher has taught will remain in a student’s memory for the entire life.

Today Hong Kong is paying tribute to all teachers, but especially to those who remain in every of us for good.

Happy teachers’ day !!