February 12, 2017 by Boris

The highest note to end the Year of the Monkey

Even in our young history, it already has become a tradition and a way of leading our company by being as transparent as possible, means sharing news and updates with you our friends, students and followers!


Hence, it is this time my turn to briefly summarise the amazing and very eventful last year of the Monkey.
As my nationality comes with a very high degree of rationalism, minimalism and dry sense of humour, I hope you enjoy the very few lines to follow 😉
Before, I need to take the advantage of giving  a special thanks to Ms J. (you know who you are), who paid tribute to our second home Hong Kong by making our website bilingual in no time!


Looking back at the Year of the Monkey, it ended on the highest possible note: we were granted our final School License by the Education Bureau. All the effort, sweat, tears and blood had finally paid off.
Our Team of experienced and qualified teachers (without which, we would not be here now) grew by 200%.
We also were blessed to expand in the corporate training field by welcoming new clients and strengthening relationships with existing corporations.
In the Education Sector, our collaboration with a local school and two international schools are at the step to becoming a long term commitment based on professionalism, efficiency and transparency. We are looking forward to the exciting events awaiting us in the Year of the Rooster!


To finish this post with a little teaser: Stay tuned everybody, as big news are to be announced very soon (you can drop me an email, to try to get further information 😉 ……mail button to be found below) !!


Vielen Dank und bis zum nächsten Mal !


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