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Located in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island, we at Excellence in Languages – a licensed Education Centre – provide English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Latin as well as Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and Tagalog language courses, lessons and tutoring for all levels and ages.

Language education throughout all ages and walks of life becomes an inevitable element to understanding and being understood in our global society.

Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.

J. W. von Goethe (Maxims and Reflections)

At Excellence in Languages we will deliver your very own and unique key to smoothly and easily open your door to language education. This understanding of the different profiles of our students enables us to effectively respond to every possible individual aim presented to us. Whether you intend to make your first steps in a foreign language, to look for school or examination support for your child or to learn Business language, we will develop and implement a tailor-made program that best suits your learning purpose.

To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.

Chinese Proverb

Would you like to enjoy the undivided attention of our teachers in our private classes, share the pleasure of learning a new language with a friend, classmate or co-worker in our semi-private classes or enjoy the active interaction in our small group classes? At Excellence in Languages we have the right course for you. To ensure finding the optimal learning solution, our students will be assessed and receive an individual advice on how their lessons shall be outlined.

To be prepared is half the victory.

Miguel de Cervantes

Our experienced team of native professional teachers is dedicated in delivering the highest standard in foreign language tuition. We will also let you discover the differences and similarities in the culture and customs between your home country and the country of the language, which you are studying. All our staff holds the relevant qualification to guarantee that the teaching methods are suiting every individual need presented to us.

We look forward to welcoming you, your child or your staff as students at

Excellence in Languages!

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October 12, 2018 by Iván

Día de la Hispanidad: 節日的來源

Translation by Kathy Chui 10月12日,這一日對於以西班牙文作主要語言的國家來說是很重要的日子,這日便是西班牙裔日。 正如我們在2015年和2016年在IG上發布的那樣,西班牙裔日不僅僅是西班牙國慶日,也是其他以西班牙文作主要語言的國家的日子。為什麼呢? 首先,我們需要確保我們理解Hispanidad的含義(根據皇家西班牙語學院詞典):1。所有來自西班牙語言和文化人們的通用性質 | 2.社區和西班牙裔群體。   因此,我們可以說西班牙語(相當於Hispanidad的英語術語)是指一個擁有西班牙語言和文化的國家的多元文化社區。 儘管哥倫布以為他於1492年10月12日到達亞洲,並直到第三次遠征才意識到他確實已經到達了“新世界”(費爾南多·德·馬加拉內斯是第一個到達的人亞洲航行西部),這個節日不僅慶祝他抵達美國的周年紀念日,而且還慶祝其他東西:所有西班牙語國家之間的聯合和溝通的紐帶。 這個慶祝活動在1913年首次被添加到西班牙的日曆中,根據前一年(1912年)向聯合國提出的要求,它被FaustinoRodríguez-San Pedro命名為“種族日”(Fiesta de la Raza)。為了紀念10月12日,慶祝不同西班牙語國家的聯盟。   1915年,慶祝活動更名為 “Day of the Race”(Día de la Raza)。然而,“race”一詞意味著非常消極的內涵,這會給西班牙和拉丁美洲國家帶來更多的緊張關係。大西洋兩岸的有關人員多次指出了這個問題;可能有兩個最臭名昭著的人來自: 1. * Ricardo Monner-Sans *(西班牙駐夏威夷領事)將阿根廷慶祝活動的名稱改為 Fiesta Hispanoamericana(西班牙裔美國人慶祝活動),並在演講中指出,10月12日不應成為任何具體的節日,因為在20世紀他只能看到人類的種族。 2. *ZacaríasdeVizcarra *(位於阿根廷的西班牙天主教神父)在 Criterio 雜誌上發表的一篇文章中提出,Hispanidad(西班牙語世界)應該接管Raza(種族)一詞來代表這個節日的名字。 那時候,Hispanidad 從20世紀初開始是一個過時的術語。然而,由於之前提到的許多要求,它的使用從1926年開始恢復。 1931年,西班牙駐阿根廷大使Ramiro de Maeztu 在 Acción Española 雜誌上寫了一篇名為 La Hispanidad 的文章。在這篇文章中,他寫道:“十月的第十二天,錯誤命名的種族日,將來是西班牙日”。 最後,Raza在1935年被西班牙皇家語言學院的Hispanidad(西班牙語世界或Hispanity)取代。 然而,自從1936年至1939年間發生西班牙內戰以來,這種節日直到1958年才得以恢復,而這是當時佛朗哥的獨裁政權宣佈為西班牙國慶日。 70年代後期恢復民主主義後,在80年代期間,儘管由國王主持的西班牙軍隊遊行仍然存在,但是民族主義逐漸變成了兄弟與和諧的風氣。在此期間,不同的政府想通過這個節日來解決與拉丁美洲之間緊張關係的問題。但是,一些國家還是決定不慶祝這個節日,並從他們的假日日曆中把它剔除。 美國不同州份都有不同的術語來命名這個週年紀念,例如: *墨西哥和哥倫比亞*的 […]

October 12, 2018 by Iván

Día de la Hispanidad: origins of this celebration

  Today, the 12th day of October is the most important day for all Spanish speaking countries together: the Hispanic Day (Día de la Hispanidad). As we already posted back in 2015 and 2016, today isn´t only Spain´s National Day, but also a public holiday in other Spanish speaking countries. Why ? First, we would […]

February 12, 2017 by Boris

The highest note to end the Year of the Monkey

Even in our young history, it already has become a tradition and a way of leading our company by being as transparent as possible, means sharing news and updates with you our friends, students and followers!   Hence, it is this time my turn to briefly summarise the amazing and very eventful last year of […]